Web Designer Partnership

What's it all about?

qub3host set up the Web Designer Partnership to offer an alternative solution to expensive reseller hosting packages. It's ideal if you're a small web design agency, or a part-time or freelance web designer. It's specifically suited to those who launch less than 25 websites per month!

The great thing is, that because you're not hosting the website - whether you decide not to carry on designing websites, or not take on any more clients - you don't have to worry about the ongoing cost of keeping your client's websites online.

How does it work?

You'll register a hosting account & domain name in you're clients name, and select the package most appropriate to your clients needs, using our online system. You'll have a specific discount code which you enter in to the checkout to receive the hosting package free of charge.

When you register to our Web Designer Partnership, you'll be able to buy hosting credits, priced at £1 each. The minimum you need to order is 10 credits at a time. You'll then get the discount code which you can use 10 times.

The benefits:

» Use on any Shared Hosting Plan » Save time on supporting your customers » No hassle renewing customer's hosting plans
» Clients come to us for Tech Support » Earn commission when your customer renews » 24/7 Support for your customers
» 99.9% Uptime » Far cheaper than any reseller plan » Accounts activated instantly
» Hosting continues even if you cease trading » We take care of customer billing » Free Hosting for your own website

Once you register your customer on our system, the hosting package is valid for 12 months, and the domain for however long you have chosen to register it for. Then you no longer need to worry about the running costs - as you simply don't incur any!

After the initial hosting term of 12 months, we'll bill your customer automatically, so you don't need to worry. When the customer renews their services for another 12 months, you'll earn £5.

Reseller Hosting Comparison

We understand that on the face of it - a reseller account seems the better option, but take a look at our comparison chart below to see how our Web Designer Partnership Stacks up:

Reseller Package
qub3host Web Designer Partnership
Technical Support for your Customers hosting package
Setup Time for hosting
Earn Money From Renewals
Takes Care of billing for you
Provides SSL Certificates Free
Depending on Reseller Package
Continuation of hosting accounts once ceased trading
No - unless the monthly fee is carried on
Hosting your own website
Monthly Fee
Yes, upwards of £20 per month
Transfer in domain names
One Click Installs
Depending on Reseller Package
Trial Period
Recurring fees
Yes, monthly
No - one time payment

£20+ per month

Just £1 per website

As you can see, there are far more benefits of our Partnership Programme. It gives you more time to focus on running your business, and doing what you do best - designing websites, rather than the headache of having to source different hosts for each customer, or setting up individual packages.

Is there any monthly costs for me?

None whatsoever. You simply pay for the domain name, and just £1 for each website you want to host. If you don't host any websites, you don't pay for it!

Get started

You can either call our Partnership Team on 01823 429 481 to open your Partner Account, or fill out the form below to open your account:

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A member of our team will call you back to check over any details, and you'll be given the option to purchase your hosting credits there and then.